Launch an Outrageously Profitable eCommerce Store under Rs. 20,000

Copy the exact same strategies I use to launch, optimize, and scale incredibly successful eCommerce stores that generate me upwards of ₹5.9L per month consistently.


With your eCommerce Store, you get

  • Your own sustainable source of income
  • The ability to make money while you sleep
  • Build a REAL brand which people know and love
  • ​Become a CEO with a shoestring budget
  • Have your own recession proof income

In this Course You'll Learn

  • How to create a sustainable income source
  • ​How to sell your products at double the price of amazon and still remain profitable 
  • Top notch content marketing strategies to start your marketing with zero budget
  • ​How to get repeat buyers and keep them coming back

In short, everything you need to get started with Indian eCommerce at a Crazy Low Budget!

And you know what, this system works as tested by me and my students.. 

This is not just me. Here's what my students have achieved out of the training

Naman hit ₹96K within 10 days

And He Scaled to ₹3 lacs in 20 days

I myself started an eCom Store in May 2022 and Published it Live on YouTube

and took it to ₹2.2 lacs within 10 days

And Helped Over 127 Students...

Launch Their Career or Start their Businesses

And You Can Do It Too

I get it..

I know you want to start something on your own.

You are not someone who could be bound in the constraints of a 9 to 5 routine.

You landed here because you are committed. You are here because you are serious..

You want to build a business.

You have realised that the only person you can believe and put your faith on is you.

Whether it’s validating the idea, arranging the finances or marketing it.. It is a lonely journey.


Starting an eCommerce Business in India Can Turn into a Nightmare.. Really.. Really.. Fast...

Launching an eCommerce business in India is a tough job, when you do it alone.

You’ll face cut-throat competition, that too for a very pampered market.

People want to buy everything for the highest quality but are too lazy to pay for it.

No wonder Cash on Delivery is such a thing.

On top of it you will find people who will want instant refunds, competitors who talk shit on your social media accounts and people who just return the products straight up.

If that was not enough, there are taxation systems, which are a literal accounting nightmare.

If you are not careful with building your business, you might be losing money even when you don’t know it yet.

After all this, you will quickly realise that it’s very difficult to start an eCommerce business without the financial cushion to support you and grow your side project idea.

And as if this was not terrifying enough, entrepreneurship is brutally lonely.

Here are the problems with doing business in India

❌ India is one of the most trust deficit countries in the world. It is difficult to build trust

❌ Because of the Cash-on-Delivery model, customer has the power to reject your order anytime they want and you end up losing a lot of money

❌ Most businesses out there pick saturated products and try to sell them with a generic outdated message

❌ They do not add compelling offers that can actually make a customer buy

❌ They often find fraud suppliers that charge hefty amounts to deliver the products which kill the profit margin

❌ Most people are in a price war with Amazon and try to reduce their prices to sell more

Needless to say.. whoever wins the pricing war… Loses the battle.

These mistakes, if unchecked will eat up your money even when you think you are running in profits.

And, I absolutely don’t want you to make these mistakes.

With my training, you avoid all these money murdering mistakes right from starting. 

The Truth is That, the Way Most People do eCommerce is DEAD WRONG!

Strong Words, I know… but true.. nonetheless.

You might have heard people say.

“Oh! FB Ads don’t work”

“Google Ads is a lot of money, its a waste”

Do you really think FB ads or google ads is the problem?


The problem lies in the approach!

❌ First of all, they try to build their own Amazon and wish to become billionaires in an weekend

❌ Secondly, they select every product they could lay their eyes on and want to sell

❌ They don’t do audience research properly which affects their sales and they ultimately shut their business.

but the biggest reason of it all…

They think Digital Marketing as some magic lantern that they can rub and Aladin’s Genie will grant their wishes.

That’s not how it works.

You need a systematic and step-by-step approach.

I have done it all in last 2 years.

And here’s how you can do it.

Business is pure mathematics.

And you can use it to your advantage

Let’s say you want to make Rs.100,000 per month with eCommerce

All you need is 4 products.

That’s it.

You don’t need to create an Amazon.

You just need 4 products catering to a very specific audience

Then structure your entire campaigns catering to these specific audience that are hungry to buy.

Let’s say you sell each product at Rs.500.

Easy to sell right?

In my tribe, I have seen that you get on an average 20% profit on any product after marketing, fulfillment, and taxes.

That means here, you earn Rs.100 per product.

If you can just make 9 sales per day per product, you make Rs.108,000 per month.

Here’s the maths!

I am not promising that you can do this on day 1.

It takes time and effort.

And I am here to reduce both for you.

I will make sure that you can get there as quickly as possible.

Mind you, its not a get rich quick scheme.

It does take a sizeable amount of effort and mental strength.

But when you have the right guidance, you will get there faster.

How to Make Sure That You Start an eCommerce Store in India and Still Remain Profitable?

What if you could follow a systematic approach

The same that I use to help companies grow digitally, achieving tremendous results for them.

What if there is a perfect way to learn eCommerce and avoid all those mistakes that suck your capital dry.

Step-by-step training that teaches you what to do and what not to do…

A process that has everything you need to sell products without getting stuck.

A ready-to-help WhatsApp community where you can stay connected with me for any queries that you might have.

That is exactly what this training is all about.

I have crafted this training in a particular sequence that takes you through a step by step way through the journey.

By the end of this program you’d have:

✅ Found your winning products
✅ Started a business based on mathematics and not fairy tales
✅ Written a kickass copy that converts
✅ Craft godfather offers that your customers just can’t say no to
✅ Become an expert performance marketer, and
✅ Set up fool proof systems to help scale your business

But Why Should You Listen to a Word I say?

Let me assure you that you are in the right hands.

I have not learned eCommerce through any course.

I have been in the trenches for the last two years working with multiple eCommerce brands.

I have tested every possible marketing strategy in the book.

If there was someone claiming to be an expert, I have found them.

If there was a whisper of a new marketing angle on the opposite side of the world, I have hunted it down.

And I have helped my clients both nationally and internationally earn tremendous profits online.


That's how much my previous employer made last year

407% Growth

That's how much my european client saw last december

₹ 6.16 Lakhs

That's how much my personal store made this year (2022)

This was possible because I don’t use the traditional “Product Driven” strategies.

My approach is completely different that smashes the competition like an ant and soars up the profits like crazy!

I teach an old-school “People Driven” approach.

In this training, I will teach you how to combine physical products with digital products to boost your sales.

Set yourself apart from the competition through this strategic approach!

If you think this is what you need to succeed in your eCommerce journey… 👇🏼


Understanding Indian Audience

  • How Indians buy
  • Why COD works
  • What is RTO
  • Why India is the best market to be in
  • Why most eCommerce Stores fail

Niche Selection

  • Find a growing Niche
  • Market research
  • Trend Analysis

Product Research

  • Winning Product Criteria
  • Find winning products in FB ad library
  • FB marketplace research
  • Amazon best sellers research
  • YouTube product research

People Research

  • Social Listening… What is it?
  • Find their why
  • Special Terms
  • Pain vs Barrier
  • Want vs Need

Competitor Research

  • Find your competitors
  • Features, and benefits
  • Spyin on offers
  • Hooks


  • Headlines
  • Lead in
  • Ad copy writing
  • Product Page Copywriting


  • Name Selection
  • Choose Branding Color
  • Create a kickass logo
  • FB and Instagram Page Set up
  • Buy the domain name

Facebook Ads Foundation

  • Why FB ads
  • Hierarchy of FB ads
  • Awareness, Consideration & Conversion
  • FB account bans and how not to get banned

Store Set up

  • Shopify Store Set up
  • Installing Pixel
  • Adding products
  • Theme selection
  • Tracking your audience
  • Conversion Rate Optimization Basics

Sourcing and packaging

  • How to find suppliers
  • Suppliers vs Manufacturers
  • Street smart negotiation tactics
  • How to do branded packaging

Fb Ad Strategy for eCommerce

  • Fb Ad phases
  • How to test
  • Auditing your ads and landing pages
  • How to scale
  • X-ray ROI tracking
  • Retargeting

Influencer Marketing

  • Why Influencer Marketing
  • How to find influencers
  • How not to use influencers
  • How to use influencer posts

Shipping and Fulfilment

  • How to set up Shiprocket
  • How to confirm orders
  • How to automate order confirmation
  • RTO Killer Ninja Techniques
  • Customer Support

Phew!! That was a lot!!

But this is what you need to succeed in eCommerce

These meticulously crafted lessons are designed to suck in sales like a vaccum cleaner… on steroids!

If you follow this step by step method, there is no way that you won’t get sales!

If you think that these are the exact methods that you need to learn, I suggest you enroll now! 👇🏼

How Much My Students Earn👇🏼

Student earns Rs.1 Lakh in 9 days

Yet another Student achieves Rs.30K per day mark

This course is not just for entrepreneurs you know.. You can freelance too

Adeep achieves 50% salary hike and handles marketing in his company now. Crazy right?


I am not going to leave you with just content. There’s a lot more to offer!

  • 🚀 Get my updated list of 100 winning eCommerce products in India
  • 🚀 Get 3 reliable Indian dropshipping suppliers contacts that I personally use (No they are not Meesho or Glowroad)
  • 🚀 Get Premium Shopify Theme worth Rs.18,000
  • 🚀 Bonus module on job hunt and freelancing (for Freelancers who are serving eCom businesses)
  • 🚀 52 Live Weekly calls

Yes you heard that right!

I am not going to leave you alone until you generate at least Rs.50,000 of revenue from your store.

If you do not generate at least Rs.50,000 within 12 months, you get a free upgrade to the next year as well.

Did I Mention That This Offer is Completely Risk Free!

If in the next 21 days, you feel like the training is not worth your time…

I will refund you your money back and we can part ways as friends..

No questions asked.

On top of it, if you don't see results within 90 days of implementing, I'll train you for FREE.

I want to make sure that you are at zero risk.

I am starting this training and I really don’t want to lose trust.

"How fast can I see results?" and other

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this training help me if I am a complete beginner?

Yes. This training is designed for complete beginners and also for people looking to upskill themselves.

I will be there throughout the program to help you with any questions and queries you may have.

How much will I earn after enrolling in this training?

It depends on the kind of product you pick.

I have personally seen a growth of Rs.3.5 lakhs in a month. 

You can absolutely get there.

What’s so unique about this training?

This is world’s only eCommerce program that focuses on people rather than products.

This approach lets you have an unfair advantage in the market.

Are there any LIVE classes?

Yes, we have weekly live classes where you meet with me face to face and ask any questions you may have.

How much time do I need to dedicate?

You will need to dedicate at least 1 hour per day.

Can I take freelancing projects after this?


I have added a bonus module just for freelancers and job seekers to get more clients and gigs.

How soon can I see results?

How soon will it take you to start testing products? That's how much it will take.

Ready to Build Your eCommerce Business?